Search Content Summary

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The Search Page (displayed below) has various Filters. An explanation of how to use each filter can be found under the following links with additional details under L2B Search Page: Saved Searches Category Industry Region Status Sector CIDB Professional Types … Continued

Pricing Opportunities Search Filter

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Under Pricing Opportunities there are 2 options  Pricing Opportunities (Projects only)  Price Now (Projects & Tenders) 1. The Pricing Opportunities Filter, allows you to search for Projects that have any attached pricing opportunities (such as a Bill of Quantities and … Continued

BBBEE Search Filter

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The BBBEE search filter is related specifically to Directory BBBEE Status – list according to levels as well as, information withheld (if the information would not be disclosed), not registered and non-compliant BBBEE Classification: SMME (small, medium and micro-enterprises) EMEs … Continued

Class Search Filter

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The Class Search Filter is specific to Projects Class is located under the Details portion when viewing a Project as Classified as: There may be instances where multiple classes are listed as per the below example: Invited / Negotiated In … Continued

Floor Levels Filter

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The Floor Levels Search enables you to filter your search by Floor Levels: By selecting the various options under Floor Levels you can filter your search by either Two, Six, Over Ten, Unknown or Single Levels.

User Tags Search Filter

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User Tags are used to tag a keyword to a specific Tender/Project (one could imagine it being like a filing system, the tags are the individual “files” and the search result is the “filing cabinet”): Note: The “Ignore” tag will … Continued

Dates Search Filter

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Using the Search by Dates feature, you can do a search for specific date types within a specific time frame. Click on the ‘Dates’ option under Advanced Search and open the drop-down to view the list of Date Search Options … Continued

Region Search Filter

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You may Filter your results by Region. Select the check box next to the Region Filter. To Search all of South Africa click the check box as shown below. You may also filter your Results by South African Provinces by … Continued

Industry Search Filter

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To filter your search by Industry you may select the following check box. To further filter your results click the expand Icon. You may now further filter your Industry Results using the following options.   Below is the  list of … Continued

Clear/Reset Search Filter

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Clear All Filters/Reset Search Filter – This option allows you to clear all previous search criteria, along with their search results in order to start a new search afresh. and   the reset icon/button can be used at any time … Continued

Keywords Search Filter

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The Keywords search filter uses the keywords extracted from your Current Keywords on your Advisory Settings. Less is more when it comes to keywords, using the simplest form of a keyword is always best and using multiple keywords with the … Continued

Advisory Settings Search Filter

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Advisory Settings Search The Advisory Settings Search, enables you to perform a search according to your profile’s advisory settings filters. To perform this search, click on the ‘Advisory Settings Search’ option: A list will generate and the search results then … Continued

Saved Search Filter

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Saved Searches allows you to access your previously saved searches in order to use the same search criteria that was previously used. Previously listed at the bottom of the search filters it now appears at the top of the filters. … Continued

Search History Search Filter

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Search History allows you to access a history of any previous searches performed. This will include both saved searches as well as those which have not been saved. In the Search pane, click on the ‘Search History’ option: A dialogue … Continued

RFQ State Search Filter

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When doing a Directory Search, one can filter out Vendors who either “Receives RFQ” or “Does not Receive RFQ” by using the following Search result filter from the grey toolbar on the left:  

Award Type Search Filter

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When doing a search for Projects, you can use the “Award Type” search filter on the grey toolbar under Advanced Search to filter out Projects with a Bidder, Main Contractor Sub Contractor, Supplier or Without a Sub Contractor listed: If … Continued

Files Search Filter

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Files refer to Photos and Documents on Leads If you are only looking for leads with photos select that only. If you are looking for specific Documents (or Without Documents) expand the filter and select the relevant documents you’re looking … Continued

Monitoring Search Filter

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Users have access to 5 monitors per subscription. This allows users to select whom they want to monitor their projects/tenders. Monitoring is found under the Advanced Search and is separated into Monitored By, Assignment Type and Not Monitored By: Monitored … Continued

Trades Search Filter

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Trades are the types of industry for a particular project or tender that requires manual skills and special training. This is specifically related to Directory. The Trades Filter allows you to filter results by selecting relevant trades from the list … Continued

Professional Types Search Filter

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Professional Types are the specialized professionals in your industry that aid in the development and can be filtered by Professionals appointed and Not appointed. The same list applies to both:  Accountant  Accounts  Administration Support  Air Conditioning Engineer  Architect  Assistant Manager … Continued

Sector Search Filter

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Sectors are areas distinct from one another and are only applicable to Projects and cannot be selected with the Tender Category Sector allows you to Filter by the following: Public Private Partnership: The funding for the Project is a partnership … Continued

Project Value Search Filter

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Project Value can be found under the Advanced Search. To Search by all Project Values Click the select all check box. To view, all Project Value filters click the expand icon and to select specific or multiple values select the … Continued

Status Search Filter

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The Status Filter allows you to search according to the Development Phases. The Main Search Status includes both Projects and Tenders filters as follows: The Project Search Status filters are as follows and determine when you may need to get … Continued

Serviceable Region Search Filter

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The Serviceable region filter (found under Advanced Search) allows you to find Companies who services are extended to certain Regions. To filter by Serviceable Regions click the check box. To Search all of South Africa click the main South Africa … Continued

Category Search Filter

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The Category filter allows you to specify what type of Content you would like to search for. This filter show the following options: Projects Search for information that focuses on private construction contracts in South Africa & Africa, identify new … Continued

Troubleshooting: Clearing Browser Cache, Cookies & History

Why? Whether you’re having login trouble, issues with your browser, or any number of unusual errors, a quick clearing of the Cache, Cookies & History is the first solution we recommend. Why do we ask you to do this? In … Continued