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Monitor Projects & Tenders

The Monitor button – (previously known as “Send Me Updates” or “Assigned to”) allows the Main User and/or Monitors to be assigned to the Project or Tender Lead in order to receive updates/changes.

A pop up box will appear where you are able to select who is required to monitor the project, send a message (assignment note) and click on submit.

The monitor will receive an email advising them that a project or tender has been assigned to them with the information of the assignment note.

When the monitor opens the Project, the assignment note is reflected above the notes block where the monitor is able to make their own personal notes regarding the Project. Once own notes have been entered, click on save your note.

Document URL

When there are tender documents available for download, this field will be populated and appear as so

Please click where indicated and you will be able to download the tender documents made available on the organisation website.

Should the above not be available, this means that either the tender documents are available in hardcopy for purchase and/ or collection only. Or at the time of the tender notice publication, the tender documents were not yet available for download.


Pro Tip: When the closing date of the tender notice passes, this link will no longer be available.

Document Collection

Document Collection – This field concerns whether there are tender documents available, from where they are available and from when. This field can also contain options available for purchasing/ collecting the tender documents.

Protip: If there’s no Document Collection field; please check that you have logged in successfully. Certain information is withheld under certain circumstances.

Your Tender Tags

Your Tender Tags – Allows the subscriber to create and tag a tender for quick searching, filtering and organisation.

To add a Tag, click on the Tags button and a field will appear. Type the name of your Tag and then click the Tick button. To remove the Tag, click the Cross.

Tender Documents

Tender Documents – If there are any documents already available on the tender notice, namely Bill of Quantity (BoQ), Site Attendance Register (SI register), Tender Application Forms or Bidders Lists; they will appear on the right hand side of the tender notice; listed under Tender Documents.

Protip: Always check to see what documents are already available, before Requesting a SI Register/ Bidders List or Request BoQ

Request Site Attendance Register/ Bidders List

Request Site Attendance Register/ Bidders List – Requesting a site attendance register is helpful in establishing what companies might tender on the closing date. This information is used for subcontracting, and is usually used in conjunction with the BoQ.

The Site Attendance Register/ Bidders List request page displays as below:

Your request will be sent to the relevant Researcher, who will respond.

When a Closing Date has passed on a tender notice, the Request BoQ and Request Site Attendance register/ Bidders List options are no longer available.

Protip: Request a site attendance register, bidders list and/ or BoQ as soon as possible.

Request BoQ

Request BoQ (Bill of Quantity) – Requesting the BoQ is helpful in establishing whether the products you supply/ the services you offer; are required in the BoQ.

The Request BoQ page displays as below:

When a Closing Date has passed on a tender notice, the Request BoQ and Request Site Attendance register/ Bidders List options are no longer available.

Protip: Request a site attendance register, bidders list and/ or BoQ as soon as possible.

Email Monitors

Email Monitors – A tender might be of interest, but the subscriber doesn’t want to assign it to a Monitor directly. The Email Monitor options allows the Monitor to be emailed a copy of the tender.

The Email page displays as follows:

If a specific Monitor isn’t listed, the subscriber can add a new Monitor and then email them.


Download this Lead

Download this Lead – Downloading the lead allows the subscriber to save the tender notice, without Monitoring it.








Subscribers can set their download preferences and format.

To select the preferences one will select and select the relevant preferences for each step until step 4.

These preferences will remain the same, until the subscriber changes them and can also to download quicker without going through each step.

Dustbin icon (Dismiss icon)

Dustbin icon (Dismiss icon) – Removes this specific tender notice from the Search result. A tender might meet your search criteria, but for whatever reason, is of no interest. The Dismiss icon removes it from cluttering up your Search result.

Any tender that is Dismissed, can be unDismissed. The below icon will display on the right hand side opposite the Title of the tender, on the Search Result page. Click on this icon and the tender will be unDismissed i.e. available in the usual tender search.

Assignment Note

Assignment Note – Allows a note to be sent to the Assigned Monitor. Please type in the Note, before assigning the Monitor

When a Main user assigns a Project / Tender to a Monitor with a assignment note it reflects when the monitor logs in to view the Project / Tender as well.

Tender Services

Tender Services – This is only available for Gauteng tenders. Whereby a subscriber can request for the site meeting to be attended and/ or the documents to be collected on their behalf for a fee.



Reminders – This button allows the subscriber to set a Reminder on the tender, unrelated to Site Inspection date or Closing Date.

Protip: When setting Reminders specifically in the context of following up on award information, set your Reminder for a reasonable amount of time after the Closing Date. Ideally, tenders should be awarded within 3 months from closing.


Reminders are sent at 07:00 each morning and can therefore only be set for future dates:

Status Bar

Status bar – This bar will indicate the Status of the tender, either Live, Closed, Awarded, Cancelled, Withdrawn, Re-advertised or Retendered. The Status of a tender does affect the availability of certain functions.


Researcher Contact

Proudly Researcher by… This will reference the Researcher that published the tender.

For Assistance, click here – This link will email the L2B Researcher specified, who will assist with the query.

When a tender has Closed, this Researcher link is not available.

However, the Request Award Information button becomes available, to request Award Information.

When a tender has been Awarded, Cancelled, Withdrawn, Readvertised or Retendered, the Request Award Information is no longer available. The Request Award Information button is also not available on Africa tenders.

Contract Number

Contract Number or Tender Number or Project Reference Number will be the unique number/ reference given by the advertising authority. This advertising authority (i.e the Municipality or Government Department for example) is also displayed next to this Contract Number for quick reference.

View a Tender

Your search result will list the tenders that meet your search criteria. To view the full tender notice, please click on the Title (which is blue and underlined when you hover your mouse over the Title). The tender notice will open in a new window or tab.


If it doesn’t and you would prefer to keep your search result page, then remember to Right Click and Open Link in a New Window/ Tab.

Details Tab

Details Tab: On the “Details” tab, you can scroll through the entire tender notice. The information you will find will include the DTA (Daily Tender Advisory) Number, Description, Site Inspection information, Closing Date, Document Collection, Deposit Details, Restrictions, Delivery Point, Contract Details, Financing Institution, Validity Period, Language, Category, Industry, Region, Professionals, and if the tender has been Awarded; the Awarded Companies and Tender Award Notes; and Your Notes.


Should you not wish to scroll through the Details tab, you have the option to click on the individual tabs:

  • Category Tab
  • Industry Tab
  • Region Tab
  • Professional Tab
  • Awarded Companies Tab
  • Tender Award Notes Tab
  • Tender Award
  • Your Notes