Category or Categories

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Category or Categories indicates the work required for the tender or project and we categorise according to what is mentioned in the title/description of the lead.

Tender Categories are: Air Con & Refrigeration, Alternate Energy, Building, Consultants Demolition & Blasting, Electrical & Instrument, Facilities Management, Fencing Fleet Management & Transportation,
Infrastructure, IT & Telecom, Materials & Supplies, Mechanical, Plant & Machinery, Security & Fire, Supplier Database, Trades

Project Categories are: Building & Infrastructure

Protip: Always ensure that your Advisory settings are set up correctly, to ensure you are notified of leads that are beneficial to your company.

Tenders Projects Industry Keyword
Building Building Building within the various Industry Sectors
Infrastructure Infrastructure Infrastructure within the various Industry Sectors
Air Con & Refrigeration   Air conditioners, HVAC, cold rooms, server rooms
Alternate Energy   Solar, wind Nuclear, Hydro, Gas, BESS
Consultants   Professional Services, Architects, Quantity Surveyors, consultants, feasibility studies, EIA
Demolition & Blasting   Demolition, blasting
Electrical & Instrumentation   Electrical reticulations, electrical repairs, transformers, control panels
Facilities Management   Cleaning, gardening, pest control, property management, landscaping, waste removal
Fencing   Fencing, palisade fencing, gates, electrified fencing
Fleet Management & Transportation   Supply/Lease vehicles, transport goods, vehicle tracking, vehicle maintenance, tyre repair
I T & Telecommunications   Computer hardware / software, PABX, VOIP, internet, Fibre optic, smart phones
Material & Supplies   Supply of goods, furniture, tyres, building material
Mechanical   Valves, filters, screens. Mechanical installations
Plant & Machinery   Heavy & small plant, Yellow metal, machinery, excavators, TLB’s, generators, compressors
Security & Fire   Security, guards, cash in transit, alarms, sprinkler systems, CCTV
Supplier Database   Register on supplier database
Trades   Plumbing, painting, tiling