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Selecting Projects under Category will list the Project Leads that meet your search criteria.   Category Selecting Projects will highlight both Building and Infrastructure. Alternatively, you can select either Building or Infrastructure independently. Industry: Selecting Industry will highlight all the … Continued


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Private Projects consists of predominantly large privately funded negotiated or invited projects in the Industrial Building & Construction environment that are progressively researched from conceptual (Pre-tender) to completed stages.

Project Search Results

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Search Page Result: Explanation of details on the search page prior to opening the Project Lead to view in full: Name of Project: Unique PPA number allocated to Project Lead when added to the database: Status of Project Lead: Value … Continued

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  Project Title This is the title of the Project. If it is a mixed use development, the component of the development will be indicated after the hypen Dismiss Lead Clicking on dismiss lead will remove the Project from your … Continued

Request to Monitor a Project

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Monitors Request Monitors are able to request the monitoring or removal of monitoring of a Project/s either from the search page or from the individual project Request to monitor from Search page Do the required searches and once you have … Continued

Troubleshooting: Clearing Browser Cache, Cookies & History

Why? Whether you’re having login trouble, issues with your browser, or any number of unusual errors, a quick clearing of the Cache, Cookies & History is the first solution we recommend. Why do we ask you to do this? In … Continued