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Selecting Projects under Category will list the Project Leads that meet your search criteria.



Selecting Projects will highlight both Building and Infrastructure. Alternatively, you can select either Building or Infrastructure independently.

Industry: Selecting Industry will highlight all the Industries. Alternatively, you can select individual Industries. Read more under Industry

Regions: Selecting Regions will highlight all the Regions. There are 2 sub-categories for Region i.e. South Africa and Africa. Read more under Region

Status: The Status Filter allows you to search according to the Development Phases. Read more under Status

Sector: Selecting Sector will highlight all the sectors available. Read more under Sector

Advanced Search


Primary (wrapped) Projects

When searching you may come across grouped projects which include a Primary and Several Projects under the Primary which are split into various disciplines like Commercial, Healthcare, Hotel, Infrastructure, Building, Residential, Retail, Offices, Mixed Use and Phases. By grouping these Projects you can easily identify all the Projects related to 1 Development as well as monitor ones only relevant to your business.

Primary (wrapped) Projects count as 1 Item but usually have several Total Results or individual Projects within. For statistical purposes, we display both numbers.