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Your search result will list the Project Leads that meet your search criteria.

Project Category:

Selecting Projects will highlight both Building and Infrastructure

Alternatively you can select either Building or Infrastructure

Project Industry:

Selecting Industry will highlight all the Industries

Alternatively you can select individual Industries

Project Regions:

Selecting Regions will highlight all the Regions. There are 2 sub-categories for Region i.e. South Africa and AfricaSub-category: South Africa

The provinces of South Africa are listed alphabetically. To open the sub-category click to the right of the word South Africa for the drop down menu and select the Provinces required

Sub-category: Africa

Africa is indicated as Central Africa, Eastern Africa, Northern Africa and SADC regions

The Africa regions are also subcategories and the various countries are listed alphabetically in the geographical regions. Selecting the sub-category of the Africa region will highlight all the countries listed

Alternatively countries can be individually selected


Project Status:

The Status indicates at which stage the Project Lead is at:

Conceptual: These are Projects in the very early sensitive stages. An idea or concept that could potentially become a realisation. Feasibility Studies and Funding would be a priority during this stage.

Procedural: This stage involves the securing of various applications, approvals and authorisations and could include the appointing of the professional team is not already appointed. The EIA details will not be available on the site as they are only involved in the environmental process and are not involved in the construction of the project or procurement.

Design: The Project Lead moves into the Design Stage once an Architect (for buildings), Civil Engineer (for roads) and Structural Engineer (for bridges) has been appointed.

Tender: This indicates that a tender document has been published. This tender notice could be private & negotiated or public. The Project Lead remains in the status of Tender until the contract has been awarded.

Awarded: This means the main contractor has been appointed. The contractor’s details will be listed under Awards. This status only remains in effect until site handover and construction has commenced.

Underway: This indicates that construction has commenced.

Postponed: There are numerous reasons why a Project Lead could be marked as Postponed i.e. there was a tender notice linked which has been cancelled and a new tender is pending; funding still to be secured; waiting for approvals etc

Complete: Construction is finished or will be finished within the next 6 to 8 weeks

Cancelled: Cancelled Project Leads can occur due to lack of funding, Client confidentiality, no longer going ahead or lack of further information can be sourced.

Selecting Status will select all the available status

The status can be selected individually


Project Value:

The exact value of a Project is determined once the contract has been awarded and the exact amount could be reflected in the description. Prior to the award, there are 4 value categories i.e. R0 to R30 Million, R31 to R60 million, R61 to R100 million and R100 million+

These can also be selected individually.

Should the value be unknown, these will be included in the search resultsProject Floor Levels:

Selecting the option floor levels will select all the level options

Alternatively individual options can be selectedProject Sector:

Selecting Sector will highlight all the sectors available.

Public Private Partnership: The funding for the Project is a partnership between the Private Sector and Government Sector

Commercialised State: The funding for the Project is supplied by a commercialised Government entity e.g. Denel, Eskom, Alexcor, Safcol, Transnet, SAA, NRA, PRASA and Coega.

Public: The funding is provided by the Government

Private: The funding is provided by the Private Sector

Funding Agency: The funding is provided by as Independent Agency e.g. Bank from another country

Alternatively specific Sectors can be individually selected

Project Professional Types:

There is two options for searching for Project Leads: With Professionals appointed and without

Professionals appointed:

This is a sub-category of Professional types and selecting Professionals appointed will select all the relevant professionals

Should you only want specific professionals. select the relevant professionals from the drop down menu

Not Appointed:

This is a sub-category of Professional types and works on the same principal as Professionals appointed

Project Monitoring:

Monitored by: This indicates that the Project is already being monitored, either by yourself and/or your monitors

Assignment Type: This is how the Project Lead was assigned to be monitored.

User Assigned – These are Projects that have been manually added to the monitoring list

Auto Monitored – These are Projects have have been automatically assigned to be monitored when published as per your profile settings

Not Monitored by: This selects Project Leads that are not currently being monitored by yourself and/or your monitors


Search result will include all Project Leads that have been populated with documents related to Projects and photos

Alternatively you can select either Photos or documents to be populated in the search result.

User Tags:

This will populate the search result with any Project Leads that have been tagged by yourself

Alternatively you can select specific tags only for the search result

Project Award Type:

Projects has two award categories – Main Contractor and Subcontractors.

Main Contractor – this is the Contractor that has been appointed for the main construction contract

Sub contractor – these are the contractors that have been appointed for sub contracting.

Pricing Opportunities:

These are Project Leads that have been populated with a Bill of Quantities and subcontractors

Dates:Select date period or double click on the single date required, click on apply to confirm the date selection.

Searching options:


Search – This will populate the result as per the search criteria selected

Clear All Filters – This will remove all search criteria entered

Search History – Details of previous searches can be retrieved

Saved Searches – Saves a specific set of criteria so that the search can be performed without having to enter the search criteria as above

Advisory Setting Search – the search result will be as per your profile settings for your advisory