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Searching by Dates

Using the Search by Dates feature, you can do a search for dates within a specific time frame.

Click on the ‘Dates’ option towards the bottom of the list to drop down the list of Date Search Options to choose from which are Published, Awarded, Closing, and Site Inspection:

Irrespective of which option you choose (‘Published’ displayed below as an example), a calendar is then displayed, allowing you to specify the date range from (Left Calendar) to (Right Calendar) by clicking the date which you would like to select:

or alternatively you can type the dates required directly into the date blocks provided:

Always remember, once your dates have been specified, click on ‘Apply’ to submit your selection:

Once you click on ‘Apply’ the calendar will then disappear, however there will now be a tick displayed to show which options has a date selection set:

Once you have made the date selections and you are happy with them, select ‘Search’:

Your search results will then display