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Viewing the Contact

Click on a contact name to open it up to the view page:

This will open the branch up to the details page:

Click here to email the professional:

On this page you can type the email you want to send to this professional as well as add an attachment should you wish to, please note the restrictions for the attachment below:

Click here to add as a favorite professional:

This will list these contacts on your Dashboard under Favorite Professionals and you can access them easily.


To see the projects or tenders the contact is linked to click on discover below:

When you click on discover it will take you to a search results pages that displays everything this contact is linked to:



Viewing the Division

Click on the division name to open it up to the view page:

This will display all the branches and contacts under this company, all of them will be in expanded view by default and you can change this by clicking here on each branch:

The below shows the contacts in each branch:

Click on one of the branch names to view the branch in more detail.

Viewing the Company

Click on the company name to open it up to the view page:

This will display all the divisions, branches and contacts under this company, all of them will be in expanded view by default and you can change this here:

The company website, if they have one will be displayed here:

When you click on discover, it will take you to a page that shows you every project and/or tender that Group Five Limited is linked to:

Click on the division name to view the division in more detail.

Directory Search

Some tips to remember when searching on our directory:

  • Less is more
  • Always use spaces between acronyms e.g A B C Construction

You can search with just the company name you are looking for below:

You can also search by various trades or professions in this box like plumbing, tiling, under floor heating, architects etc and you can also search by contact names.

This will give you results of any combination of the text in the above box, whether it be in the description, name or contact name of the company.

Below are other filters you can use for your searches:

Directory will be selected by default under category as that is what we chose on the dashboard, you can then also filter your search by company or contact or both:

You can filter by Regions (where a company is based) – South Africa or Africa by ticking the check boxes:

Or you can narrow your search further by searching by provinces (you can select more than one at a time):

Or you can search by dialing codes under a specific province (this will narrow you search down even further):

You can filter by Serviceable regions (where a company can do work, this does not mean that they are based here), this can be filtered exactly like the above regions, by province and dialing codes:

You can filter by the CIDB grading, CIDB 1 – CIDB 9 or no rating, if left unchecked then it will give you results for any rating including those with no rating listed on our directory:

If you are looking for a specific professional you can filter by professional types:

Sometimes we are not told what profession a contact is at a company so you can also search by specific trades when it comes to professionals like Consulting – Architects, Consulting – Quantity Surveyors etc:

The above trades can also be used to search for companies doing specific trades like the below and a whole host of others that you will see when navigating our directory:

You can also filter by whether the contacts receive Request for Quotes (RFQ’s) or not.

This would mainly be used by contractors looking for vendors to provide a product or service:

Once you have filtered your search you may search by either of the following ways:


You can clear all your filters to start a new search:

To check your search history you can click here, this saves your searches by date and time:

You can save searches that you may do daily or weekly to check for updates, there is also a funs

You will have to perform the search then click on the below and a pop up will appear where you can name your search. You then just have to click on the below again when you want to perform your saved searches again:

If you click on the below it will automatically choose the filters that match your advisories:

You can change your page size to a maximum of 100 by clicking on the below on the top right hand corner:

You can filter your search by “Relevance” or “Newest” here:

  • Relevance will be the results that best match your search criteria.
  • Newest will be the latest entries added to our directory or updated.






You can expand the view to be able to see the whole company on the results page without clicking on the Company, Division, Branch or contact by clicking on the following:

This also shows how many contacts are listed in that whole company.

To view tenders and projects that the entire company is linked to, click on the following:

This will take you to a page with the tenders and projects and you can then filter this search by which contact the tenders or projects are linked to here:





























If you perform a search that returns no results, an email will be sent to the Directory department who will follow up with you and advise on a way to search that will return results or offer their assistance.


Our Directory is one of the largest in Southern Africa for the construction industry.

The Directory contains contact information on Clients / Developers, Professionals, Contractors and Vendors.

You can access the directory by clicking on the below on the dashboard:

Then click on the magnifying glass:

You will be redirected to a Search Results page that will be displaying 0 results until you perform a search: