Pricing Opportunities Search Filter

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The Pricing Opportunities Search Filter, allows you to search for Projects that have any attached pricing opportunities (such as a Bill of Quantities and Subcontractors added to a Project), for convenient follow-up.


In the Category search filter section, ensure that ‘Projects’ is selected:


Then scroll down to the ‘Pricing Opportunities’ option and select ‘Pricing Opportunities’ from the drop-down menu:


Once your filters have been selected, click on the ‘Search’ button to execute the search criteria:




The search will then execute and display the results as follows:


If you then click on a project heading (ie: Ntsokotha SSS as in the example), the Project notice will then open and the documents attached will reflect in the right-hand pane:

You will see that Projects with Pricing opportunities also reflects a little handshake icon on the Search result page: