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The Pricing Indicator is important to both Buyers and Vendors.

For Buyers, it indicates the response rate they can expect for RFQ’s and thus are more likely to send to those with higher indicators.

For Vendors, if their indictor is kept high it allows them to display above other Vendors with lower indicators but below Preferred Vendors. Ideally, Vendors should endeavour to be become both preferred and maintain a high indicator in order to to have the highest visibility on Buyer search results.

For Buyers

The Pricing Indicator as displayed by % Column on the Selected Region Portlet for Buyers.

When clicking on each Branch’s percentage it will take you to the Pricing History Page which explains how the Indicator is calculated.


The Indicator Calculation is displayed as a percentage of the RFQ’s Received which have Responded recorded. Responses include (priced, declined or intend to price). The Indicator is calculated using RFQ’s sent to all Contacts for the Branch over the past 12 months.


For Vendors

The Pricing Indicator Calculation is displayed at the top of the L2Q Vendor Page.

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