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Document URL

When there are tender documents available for download, this field will be populated and appear as so

Please click where indicated and you will be able to download the tender documents made available on the organisation website.

Should the above not be available, this means that either the tender documents are available in hardcopy for purchase and/ or collection only. Or at the time of the tender notice publication, the tender documents were not yet available for download.


Pro Tip: When the closing date of the tender notice passes, this link will no longer be available.

Tender Award

Tender Award – This will show the Date of the Award and the Awarded Value (if known). This section will also show the L2B Researcher who followed up on the award information.

The Researcher’s name will be a link, allowing them to be contacted concerning the Award.

Awarded Companies

Awarded Companies – If a tender has been successfully awarded to a company or companies, this section will display the Awarded Companies details.

  • Contact Details – This is the contact details for the awarded company.
  • View Linked Items – This links to other leads this company is attached to
  • Add as Favourite Professional – Add as a Favourite Professional to ease searching
  • Email this Professional – Click on this link and email the Professional


Region – Leads 2 Business researches tender notices throughout South Africa and a number of countries in Africa. Depending on the details supplied in a tender, the Region could either be a Country, a Province, a Provincial Dialing Code area or a City.

For Example:

These regions correspond with the Regions available in the Advisory settings:

Protip: If a tender has a Region as a City (e.g. Durban), a subscriber will receive that tender as along as they have the applicable Province/ Country (e.g. Kwazulu-Natal) selected (and other applicable criteria).


Industry – This indicates in which sector the work is taking place. The Industries are: Factory & Warehousing; Healthcare; Hospitality & Leisure; Industrial; Institutional; Mining; Office & Commercial; Power Grid; Renovations; Residential; Retail; Road; Transport Terminal; Water.

For Example:

The Industries correspond to the Industries selected on the Advisory settings:

Protip: Unless there’s a particular Industry you are not interested, select all the Industries.


Category – This indicates the work required for the tender notice. What is mentioned in the Description is used to categorise the tender. The Categories are: Air Con & Refrigeration; Alternate Energy; Building; Consultants; Demolition & Blasting; Electrical & Instrument; Facilities Management; Fencing; Fleet Management & Transportation; Infrastructure; IT & Telecom; Materials & Supplies; Mechanical; Plant & machinery; Security & Fire; Supplier Database; Trades.

For Example:

The Categories correspond with the Advisory Tender Categories:

Protip: Always ensure that your Advisory settings are set up correctly, to ensure you are notified of tenders that are beneficial to your company.


Language – All tender notices on Leads 2 Business are available in English, however some have to be translated first. This field will indicate if it’s a translated tender or not.

For Example:

Validity Period

Validity Period – This will indicate the expected period of time that the prices submitted on the closing date, must be valid for. Examples: 30 days, 60 days or 90 days from closing date and time.


Restrictions – These are the criteria that have to be successfully met for a tender to be considered responsive. Examples: BBBEE Status Level of Contributor, Tax Status Pin, Preferential Point system, CIDB rating etc

For Example:

Deposit Details

Deposit Details – This field will either display the amount payable for the tender documents, reference the Document Collection field for the various options in obtaining the tender documents or it will state “No Details”.

Closing Date Reminder

Closing Date Reminder – When the Closing Date is still pending, there’s an option to Set a Reminder.

This page displays as follows:

Once the Closing Date has passed, this specific reminder option is no longer available.

Site Inspection information

Site Inspection information – Also known as a briefing meeting, clarification meeting, information session etc. If a meeting is scheduled, then it will be specified whether it is compulsory or not, the date and time and venue as well as any other criteria required for the meeting.

If there’s no meeting scheduled, it will state that there’s no meeting scheduled.

If the tender notice hasn’t mentioned anything concerning a meeting, it will state “No Details”.


Description – This is the breakdown (whether general or specific) of the services or goods or works requested/ required in the tender notice.

Protip: If the full Description is not displaying, then you are not logged into the website.

DTA (Daily Tender Advisory) Number

DTA (Daily Tender Advisory) Number – This is the unique reference given to the tender notice by L2B. It is the quickest and most efficient number to use to find the specific tender you are looking for.

It is readily available on from the Advisory email, and ideally should be referenced in all correspondence with L2B.


Professionals – These are the contact people listed on the tender notice, who would be able to assist with any administrative or technical queries.

The below are the options available for the Professionals listed:

  • Contact Details – This would be the telephone or fax number supplied for the Contact person
  • View Linked Items – This links to other Leads that the Professional is attached to
  • Favourite Professional – Add the Professional as a Favourite, allowing for quick searching in the future
  • Email this professional – If there is an email address available, this link is available allowing the subscriber to email the Professional through the website

Protip: If Email this Professional option isn’t available, then there’s no email address available

If there are no Professionals listed, then you aren’t logged in

Daily Tenders

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