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Sending out RFQ’s

Once your Bill of Quantities is uploaded, you are able to send out your Bill Trades to Vendors and/or Subcontractors.

On ‘Buyer Home’, identify the L2Q Project you wish to send out and click on ‘Request Prices’.

You will be directed to your ‘Terms and Conditions’.

Enter your company’s Terms and Conditions or select our ‘Standard Terms and Conditions’ (our Standard Terms and Conditions is an editable template).

Alternatively, select from the Terms and Conditions you have previously used. The terms and conditions have to be added in order to continue.

Click the ‘Submit’ link.

You will be directed to the page to Confirm your Bill of Quantities (check that bill item are correct and in the correct trades). At the bottom of the page, you can click through and check each page, before clicking on “Confirm Bill”. If there are any discrepancies, please contact the L2Q Department (BoQ@L2B.co.za or +27 33 343 1130).

You can select the trade(s) and region(s) you wish to send out. If you are looking for a specific BBBEE Level or CIDB Grading, you can select these from the drop-down menu’s and click on ‘Search’.

The bill items you will be sending out reflect at the top of the page. You are also able to search for a specific company, via branch name and/or description.

You are able to access “My Bill”, “My Terms” and “View Added Bill Items”, and also sort alphabetically or by Preferred Vendors, by utilizing the “Actions” link.

The system boasts various criteria to help you make your choice of Vendor including (but not limited to) – Company name, Description, Trades, Area code, Region (Serviceable Regions are in brackets), BBBEE status (if available), Capacity and Indicators. Make your selection by ticking in the boxes to the right of the contact person, scroll down and click on “Send RFQ”. You have the ability to send an SMS to the Vendors / Subcontractors, however, it is recommended that this function is de-selected if RFQ’s are being sent out late. You can also go to the next page of Vendors / Subcontractors, after sending on the first page, making a selection and then sending to them. You are able to Print / Preview the RFQ before sending out.

After clicking on “Send RFQ”, the page will refresh, and now the trade, the date and the time will reflect under the contact person it was sent to. There is also the ability to “View RFQ” and “Resend RFQ”.

Once the current trade has been sent, you can select the next trade from the Trade(s) and Region(s) at the bottom of the page and click the ‘Search’ button. Repeat until all trades have been sent out.

There is a feature that allows one trade to be sent to another trade in its entirety. Choose the trade you wish to send to another trade and then region. From the dropdown menu, select the trade you wish to send it to and then click on “Search”. Repeat the selection and sending out process on the next page.