Online Payment – Manage Cards

If you Registered Online and currently have a re-occurring monthly card payment and you want to add a new card:

As per our Terms (Privacy-Policy). All subscriptions are ongoing and payable in advance and your payment will re-occur monthly on the same day you signed up each month. Contact Accounts – – for any further queries

Step 1 – Login in with your L2B username and password on (ensure you have logged in correctly ie. no spaces in your username and passwords are case sensitive)
You can have more than 1 Registered Card but only 1 Default Card – this is the card that will be charged for future payments
The delete option will only be available if you have more than 1 card available

Step 2 – Click on in order to Register a new card
Step 3 – Enter the new card details and click on
Step 4 – Once your new card is registered it will appear under Registered Cards on the Manage Cards page and you will be able to select it as your Default Card and Delete the Previous Default. Alternatively you can just list it as an additional card.

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