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Control List Progress

On the ‘Buyer Home’ identify the L2Q Project you wish to interact with, click on the icon in the ‘Control List’ column. This will direct you to the Control List that was created by sending out the RFQ’s. You are able to filter by Company, Contact or Trade. You can increase the size of the page, and choose to display any contact that might have been deactivated during the course of sending out RFQ’s and following up on them.

The control list is listed alphabetically by trade. You are able to view the company and contact details by clicking on the links in blue. You can view the RFQ sent to the Vendor, resend the RFQ to the vendor and download the bill items (if the vendor has priced online, the downloaded document will include the pricing), in .csv or .pdf. The green icon in the last column indicates that the vendor received the RFQ directly from you. In the case where the icon is red, it means that the vendor is an Open Quotes subscriber and has accessed the RFQ through the “Open Pricing” feature. When a vendor has accessed the RFQ through “Open Pricing”, they may have chosen to price it online or it will show on the “Control List” because they have viewed it to see if they are interested in pricing the RFQ.

‘Response Status’ is updated by our L2Q team indicating the expected Vendor response they received while following up. You are able to update the response to what you have received as well, by clicking on “Response Status”. On the next page, click on the down arrow and select the response you have received. Click on “Add Note” under “Internal Comments” and add your note in the block that displays, you can also send a message to the vendor to thank them for their response: click on “Add Note” under “Message Vendor”, and then click on “Submit”.

When resending an RFQ, you have the option of sending to another email address. Once you have clicked on the icon under the “Resend RFQ” column, on the next page, it will show the details of the RFQ and the vendor you are resending to. If you wish to resend to the same contact, simply click on “Submit”. Alternatively, type in the email address in the “Once-off Email Address” field and click on “Submit”.


Should you need assisting to download a CSV File (using Excel), click here

Should you need assisting to download your Control list, click here