“All” next to the 4 horizontal lines

Click on the drop down arrow next to “All” and you can search the system for all Projects, Tenders, Directory, News and All (all of the above) on the system at the same time or you can minimize your search and select each category individually and select search.

For Example if you wish to search for Projects only, click on “Projects” and in the “Search” block type in a Keyword, eg: Name of a Project or part of the project name, PPA Number and Company Name etc. and then select search Icon. The same pertains to Tenders.

Click on links for full details how to search projects : https://wiki.l2b.co.za/project-search/  and tenders: https://wiki.l2b.co.za/search-content/


For “Directory” search type in either the Company Name, Name of Person or e-mail address or contact number etc and then search icon.

Click on links for full details how to search for the Directory: https://wiki.l2b.co.za/directory-search/


For “News” this is to search for the Daily News Letter which goes out everyday with the Daily Advisories if you select to receive the news letter.