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Change default email client on Windows 10

The default mail program is used to send email at the request of other programs on your computer or links on web page. If you use a web interface, however, things get tricky.

Chances are that page was set up using a “mailto:” link that instructs your web browser to send an email using your PC. The most common approach assumes you have a desktop email program like Microsoft Office’s Outlook, Thunderbird, or other installed, or that you’re using the Mail program that comes as part of Windows.

There are two ways to ensure that you have the correct Default Email set up detailed below.

Change Default Email Client via Search Box

  1. Type “Default Apps” into the Windows search box (bottom-left of your screen on the taskbar)
  2. Look for the “Default Apps (System Settings)” search result and click it on
  3. Look for the “Mail” heading and click on the icon underneath
  4. Choose your desired default email client from the drop-down list
  5. Wait a few seconds and you’re all done
  6. Note* Some older email clients may not show an icon in the drop-down list as they haven’t updated their code for Windows 10.

Change Default Email Client via Start Button

Sometimes the Windows 10 search box may not be available, in that case use these instructions.

  1. Click the “Start” button (bottom-left corner Windows logo icon)
  2. Click the “Settings” gear icon (usually second from bottom)
  3. Now click the “Apps” icon in the Windows Settings window
  4. On the left-pane, click on “Default Apps
  5. Look for the “Mail” heading, then click on the icon below it
  6. Choose your desired email client from the list
  7. Wait a few seconds and you’re done

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Troubleshooting: Clearing Browser Cache, Cookies & History


Whether you’re having login trouble, issues with your browser, or any number of unusual errors, a quick clearing of the Cache, Cookies & History is the first solution we recommend.

Why do we ask you to do this? In order to speed up your internet experience, browsers will “remember” old versions of websites so that they load more quickly. Usually, this is not a problem, but when websites update, remembering that old version can sometimes cause a problem. Clearing Cache, Cookies & History tells the browser to start over fresh.

As per our FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions):

To access our service you need to have the latest update for browsers such as Chrome or Firefox and the appropriate hardware and operating system to support this.

If you have followed the below steps and your errors still persist please contact support@L2B.co.za or 087 150 1465


How? (Shortcut)

1. When your browser is open press Ctrl+Shift+Delete (Windows) or Command+Shift+Delete (Mac) on your keyboard
2. Select the following: Browsing history, Download history, Cookies and other site data, Cached images and files
3. From the “Time range” drop-down menu, select All time.
4. Click CLEAR DATA.
5. Exit/quit all browser windows and re-open the browser.

How? (Detailed)


  1. In Chrome, click the menu (⋮) in the top-right corner.
  2. Hover over More Tools and select Clear Browsing Data.
  3. For time range, select All time. Make sure that Cached images and files is checked, uncheck the boxes for Cookies and Browsing history, and then click Clear Data. Quit and reopen Chrome.
  4. Next, to clear your cookies, type chrome://settings/siteData?search=cookies into your address bar
  5. In the search box, enter Lumosity.
  6. Click the trash can icon to the right of each entry, or click Remove all shown and then Clear All.
  7. Quit and reopen Chrome.


  1. Select the menu in the top right corner (≡) and click Preferences orOptions.
  2. Click Privacy & Security from the lefthand menu.
  3. Under Cookies and Site Data, click Clear Data. 
    To clear cache and all cookies, leave both boxes checked and then click Clear.
    To remain logged into other sites, you can uncheck the box for cookies and just clear your cache, and then clear your cookies for Lumosity only:
  4. Under Cookies and Site Data, click Manage Data.
  5. Enter Lumosity in the search box, and click Remove All Shown, then click Save Changes.
  6. Restart your browser.


Safari 8+

  1. Go to the Safari menu and click History.
  2. Select Clear History..
  3. Select all history and click Clear.
  4. Close and reopen your browser.

Safari 7

  1. Go to the Safari menu and click Preferences.
  2. Click Privacy.
  3. Under Remove all website data click Details.
  4. Enter Lumosity in the search box, and click Remove All.
  5. Close and reopen your browser.



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Windows 10 (CSV to Excel issues)

This solution will assist where you are trying to import reports from a CSV file and all results appear on the first column separated by commas instead of in separate columns. This will then ensure that all .csv files are opened in the correct columns.

To change regional settings,

1. go to Start > type Region > open Region & Language Settings

2. scroll down and click on Additional date, time, & regional settings on the right hand of the block

3. Select, Change date, time or number formats

4. the following pop-up box will open > Click Additional Settings

The following pop-up box will open >

5. For Decimal Symbol, enter a dot:.

6. For List Separator, enter a comma:,

6. Click “Apply” and “Ok”.

Now, when you open a CSV file in Excel it will automatically find the data fields and open it appropriately.

Downloading a CSV File (using excel)

When downloading a CSV file from our site using MS Excel only please use the following steps to separate the data into multiple columns:


  1. Save .csv file to your computer.
  2. Open a blank Excel workbook.
  3. Navigate to the Data Tab.

4. On the ribbon choose “From Text/CSV”.

5. Browse for .csv file and click on “Import”.

6. The Text Import Wizard will open. Select “Delimited” and click “Next”.

7. On the next screen, remove the tick next to “Tab” and tick next to “Comma”, then click on “Next”. You will see that once you have ticked next to “Comma”, the data will display in columns, as per the “Data Preview”.

8. On the last screen, click on “Finish” and then “Ok” on the “Import Data” pop-up.

9. The data will then be displayed in the applicable columns and the file can be saved according to the user’s preference.


Please note: Different versions of Microsoft Excel might have different steps to the above explanation, for assistance, please contact the Leads 2 Quotes Department on 087 150 1465.


The Life Preserver Icon  can be found on the following page:

Buyer – Request Prices – Actions – My Bill

This icon links back to the above explanation.

Open Quotes – Vendor Home Page

Open Quotes is our subscription that allows you to receive Request for Quotes (RfQ’s), these can be priced or declined online. You can also view drawings or specification that pertain to these RfQ’s if the buyer has uploaded any. You can send your prices to multiple buyers at once too.  Our Open Quotes subscribers are referred to as Vendors

You can see how many RFQ’s you have on the dashboard:

To view the Open Quotes (Vendor) page please click here:


On the top of the new page you will see the below:

The first box (Steps to Success) when you click on “here” allows you to go through to the page – Directory Wizard, where you can see and update your directory entry and also ensure that your trades are up to date so you receive RFQ’s that are relevant to your line of work.

Go through each step to ensure your entry is correct and update it should it need updating.

  • At the trades tab you can search keywords by either typing in part or the whole word (first block) and click search, this will bring up results that match your word you typed in the text box:
  • The second/middle block allows you to search keywords alphabetically, just click on the letter that your keyword starts with and the keywords will pop up, once keywords are chosen then click on the actions tab and choose “add selected trades” and they will move to the last block and any tender that has this keyword in it will be sent on your advisories on a daily basis provided the option to receive the keyword advisory is chosen.

If you click on “Learn more…” under steps 1 – 3 a pop up will appear with more information.

The bar below allows you to bulk archive RFQ’s by date, these can be the RFQ’s where the respond by date has passed or where the closing date has passed:


These are all the RFQ’s that have been sent to you:

The green indicates that a buyer has sent the RFQ to you personally and the Red indicates that the buyer has agreed to use the Open Price system. This means the bill that that specific buyer is pricing is within your scope of works (your selected trade and region).

You will notice that some of the columns will populate as you perform those specific actions however the “Received by Buyer” column does not have to be populated to indicate that the buyer has received your prices. Sometimes the buyers will not have the time to check the box online that allows this column to be populated.

To submit your price please click on the following icon:

To “Upload a pdf of your pricing” click on the following icon:This will display as if you are submitting prices however the Items to Price will not display, this is where you will upload your PDF with completed prices.

To forward the RFQ click on the icon for “Forward this RFQ to a colleague”:This will allow you to forward this RFQ to a colleague (listed on our Leads 2 Business directory).

If you hover over the  Icon it will display the entire description of the contract.

The “Download Sent Bill” column has 2 icons because you have the choice of downloading it in CSV  or PDF  format.

The Trade Column can also be expanded using the  icon should there be a long list of trades.

The Discover Icons indicates whether a Project or Tender is linked and redirects to view the Project or Tender when clicked.

Tenders Icon is Orange

Project Icon is Green


One you have clicked on the (submit price)Icon:


You will be redirected to the following page where you can either set your own terms and conditions “Set Current Terms as your Default” (You will have to populate the below empty block or you can “Select Standard Terms and Conditions” this will automatically populate the below empty block. Remember to submit or click on “Skip Terms and Conditions”, both these steps will take you to the next page.

NB: The terms and conditions you select will automatically reflect for future pricing unless changed by yourself.

Next page, this reflects the tender details, the Buyer details and the Buyer’s terms:

Scroll down:

This page reflects the terms and conditions that you previously chose, you can edit them here.

Should you have a document of some sort that you would like the buyer to take note of you can attach this here.

Scroll down:

This displays all the items that require pricing and the tick boxes at the bottom give you options to send a copy to yourself or price items only, which will remove any line that does not require pricing, e.g the description above items, see below 23.06, will disappear if you tick “Price Items Only”, see Submit Price

NB: When pricing online, see above, in the “Rate or Unit Cost” column, do not insert commas or full stops, for e.g. R500.00 is 500.

Scroll Down:

The Last section is where you can add notes to the buyer.



Scroll to the bottom of the Vendor Homepage:

This displays what projects other buyers are pricing on, which match your region and trade filters. You will only receive award notifications on any of these if you have interacted with them.

The respond by date is displayed on the right of the box next to the Buyers Company’s name.


The icons are action icons, you can either:

  • Submit your price – this will redirect you to the terms and conditions page, as explained above.
  • Download the bill items in CSV format
  • Download the bill items in PDF format
  • View the drawings (if the Buyer has uploaded these)
  • or Remove the Quote and you will no longer see it

Interacting with any of the above Icons will the RFQ moves to the Active RFQ list (with a red dot).

  • The  Discover Icon will redirect you to a search results page with all the projects and/or tenders (depending on your subscription) that that specific buyer, in this case, Gorogang Plant Hire, has been involved with or is currently busy with:

Click on “View all” and you will be redirected to a page that displays all the contracts that our buyers are currently pricing that match your region and trade filters:

On the left-hand side, you can filter the results by your region or trades and by the “Respond by dates”.

The Icons here are all the same as above and the “Remove” icon is on the far right-hand side of the page along with “Discover” icon as explained above.

Open Quotes Award Notifications (the last block at the bottom of the page):

This displays contracts that our buyers priced on that have now been awarded (possibly to a different contractor). You have the opportunity to now price to the contractors that have been awarded the contract.

Note: Open Quotes Awards will be trade related due to the fact that OQ Awards are essentially linked to the original RFQ/OQ the user receives (which is trade related).

To submit your price please click on the . This will redirect you to the terms and conditions page, as explained above.

When you click on the Discover Icon it will redirect you to a page that will list all the tenders and/or projects (depending on your subscription) that the specific awarded contact is linked to.

Click on  and you will be redirected to a page that displays contracts that our buyers priced on that have now been awarded. There is also an automatic date range selected to only show the past 3 months awards and should subscribers want to view a larger date range then they will be able to change it as per the Dates filter.

Note: Open Quotes Users cannot search Open Quotes Awards prior to their subscription date as the Open Quotes Awards are only be available once RFQ’s the User is linked to (either directly sent or sent via OQ) are awarded. It also may take a few weeks for awards to appear for the same reason.

For example: OQDemo subscription was activated in March but OQ Awards are only searchable from May.


The  icons are action icons, you can either:

  • Submit your price – this will redirect you to the terms and conditions page, as explained above.
  • Download the bill items in CSV format
  • Download the bill items in PDF format
  • View the drawings (if the Buyer has uploaded these)
  • The Discover Icons indicates whether a Project or Tender is linked and redirects to view the Project or Tender when clicked as per the above functionality under Active RFQ’s.

Tha Archived/Live refers to RFQ’s listed under:

Should you need assisting to download a CSV File (using Excel), click here.